09th Jul 2021

Webinar on “Role and Importance of IPR for Setting up a New Business”

G H Raisoni Technology Business Incubator Foundation had organized a one-day webinar on “Role and Importance of IPR for Setting up a New Business” on 9th July 2021, Friday. The guest speaker of the session was Vivek Singh, an experienced IP Attorney and Patent Agent. More than 100 participants attended the webinar.


The webinar was focused on helping students, professionals, and start-ups understand the concept of Intellectual Property Rights and what role does IPR play in setting up a new business venture.


The session started at 3:30 PM with a warm welcome note to break the mid-afternoon blues to bring forth a pulsating freshness of positivity and perception. Further to that, the session was taken over by Mr Vivek Singh. He is an experienced IP Attorney and Patent Agent who is actively working with Corporates, Start-ups & MSMEs to get their IP rights protected and enforced across diverse industry verticals, including IP Strategy, Prosecution, Enforcement, IP Public Policy & Govt. Affairs, along with R&D and Product Development. 

All through the session, was in the virtual space engaging and exciting with polling questions and a quick rapid fire round at the end. Moreover, the key engagement with the audience was attributed to his in-depth understanding and knowledge about Intellectual Property Rights.


The webinar ended with a vote of thanks to the guest speaker, participants, and the organizing team. 

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25th Jun 2021

Re- thinking of entrepreneurship as a career post the pandemic

G H Raisoni Technology Business Incubator Foundation in association with G H Raisoni University and Tie Nagpur had organized a one-day webinar on “Rethinking of Entrepreneurship as a Career Post The Pandemic, dated: 25.06.2021, Friday. More than 250 participants attended the webinar.  The webinar was focused on helping start-ups cope up with the pandemic and walk out strongly with new and creative ideas. Throwing light on the same concept, it was divided into four sessions taken by subject experts.It started at 10:00 AM with a warm welcome note given by Mrs Sharwari Mukherjee. Further to that, the inaugural session was taken over by Shri Nagaraja Prakasam, the keynote speaker. He is an angel investor, mentor, and fund advisor who shared his knowledge and wisdom on innovative strategies to overcome challenges during the pandemic. Another session followed this by a renowned entrepreneur professor and startup mentor, Mr Fenil Zakhariaya. He threw light on overcoming strategies post-pandemic in the Tourism Industry and the future scope of Virtual Tourism. Further to that, there was a break of two hours. This gave time to the participants to take the learnings to deeper understandings. The post lunch session started at 2:00 PM with an insightful session from - Dr S S Mantha, former Chairman of AICTE and Chancellor of KL University. He shared his views and understandings of next-generation technologies in improving the economy during the pandemic. The last session of the webinar taken over by Dr S S Chahal, Ex-Vice Chancellor of Khalsa University. He engaged the audience with his key understandings and knowledge about defining innovative strategies to overcome the challenges in the Agri supply chain, to achieve food security during the pandemic. The webinar ended with a vote of thanks to all the guest speakers, participants, and the organizing team. The end was a fresh new start, the beginning of creativity and innovation for a better and more sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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27th May 2021

Incubation & Entrepreneurship Awareness Program

In view of spreading entrepreneurship & incubation awareness, G H Raisoni Technology Business Incubation Centre (GHRTBI) organized an awareness session for the faculty members of GH Raisoni Institute of Information Technology Nagpur. 81 faculty from different RGI institutes visited GHRTBIF in four separate batches during the 5-day session, starting from 27th May 2021. The program started with a warm and welcoming gesture of team GHRTBIF. They took the faculty members around the incubation centre to show the Computer Training Lab, Board Room, Virtual Meeting Rooms, Startup Cubicles, Fab Lab, and Satellite Lab & Presentation Studio. This was followed by a presentation of GHRTBIF facilities for Startup Incubation by Priyanka Rajawat, Incubation Officer. The presentation was about spreading the message of how the incubation centre will help grassroots level entrepreneurs with seed funding, mentoring, product validation, prototype development, infrastructure technology support and technology support. It was like venturing into a completely new world of the tech-driven startup ecosystem for the faculty members. Moving ahead, many queries and concerns were put to ease by Dr. A.M. Khalatkar, Faculty Coordinator-GHRTBIF & E-Cell. Everyone who visited the centre was pleased to see the state-of-art infrastructure, inspiring facilities, and technology innovations at GHRTBIF. They also assured to pass on the inspiration to their students and empower them to avail this as an opportunity for their successful startup mentoring & execution in association with GHRTBIF at GHRCE. This fulfills the purpose of the awareness program to scout aspiring startup entrepreneurs and provide them with a platform to take their business idea to the next level. The idea is simple, helping these startups get incubated at the right place, at the right time.  

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25th May 2021

An Impactful Orientation for Early Stage Startups

GHRTBIF in association with Institution Innovation Council of G H Raisoni College of Engineering organized an orientation session on “Funding Opportunity for Early Startups”. The key purpose of the session was to spread awareness to the potential entrepreneurs who are passionate about their idea and are willing to convert their idea to a revenue generating business model. The session was conducted by Priyanka Rajawat, Incubation Officer of GHRTBIF. She exposed the audience to different opportunities for early stage startups with a clear insight into Bootstrapping, Crowd Funding, Angel Investment, Venture Capital Network, Government Schemes, Business Incubator / Accelerator, and various competitions backed by government and private institutes.  Helping spread the right awareness to the right audience, the session was a clear reflection of various measures to empower the startup ecosystem while instilling a deep understanding of various stages of startup lifecycle.  The session ended with an insightful value as an eye opener for aspiring startups. For all those who have the potential of benchmarking a unique business idea, here’s wishing you Good Luck for all your endeavors.  

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13th May 2021

An Impactful Orientation Session for Early Stage Entrepreneurs

G H Raisoni Technology Business Incubation Center (GHRTBIF) & E-Cell, GHRCE organized an orientation session on “Accelerators/Incubation- Opportunities for Students & Facilities - Early Stage Entrepreneurs" on 13th May 2021. The idea behind the event was to convey the opportunities and facilities of G H Raisoni Technology Business Incubation Cell (GHRTBIF) to our students and faculties with a view to promote startup ideas. The Dr. Abhay Khalatkar expressed his impactful thoughts and perspectives about the startup landscape. He threw light on various opportunities for students with regards to mentoring, funding, and registrations through GHRTBIF & IIC at GHRCE. He further took the discussion into a deeper essence while highlighting the facilities of GHRTBIF. A clear vision of the infrastructure, design facilities, and Fab lab was delivered with empowerment. Moreover, the startup incubated, and students’ achievements were revealed through the orientation session.   The audience comprised of 93 participants, including faculties and students. For each, the session gave a meaningful insight to the tech-driven startup ecosystem. 

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06th May 2021

Avenue in Research Collaboration in Incubation Centre

GHRTBIF in association with the Research Cell of NKP Salve Institute of Medical Science & Research Centre and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital organized a meaningful and impactful session on “Avenues in Research Collaboration & Incubation Centre”. The session was empowered by Dr Mragna Gupta, CEO of GH Raisoni Technology Business Incubation Foundation on 6th may 2021 during the peak noon hours between 2PM and 3PM.  The session was like a welcoming oasis on a hot and sweaty afternoon. It exposed the audience to various measures and the underlying impact of research collaboration. The live testimony revealed during the session was the collaboration between Lata Mangeshkar Hospital & Research Centre and GHRTBIF.  As a Speaker of the session, Dr Mragna Gupta, gave a clear insight to various benefits one can achieve through the collaboration. She explained how the outputs and impact can be maximized by combining the expertise, experience, and resources. The session also revealed the deeper essence of the research collaboration. According to her, such a collaboration always work in favor. It exposes you to new opportunities, helps you gain new business perspectives, empowers you to learn new skills, and drives you to be an active participant of stimulating discussions with industry experts.  The session ended with a meaningful note and a new approach to understanding the impact and essence of research collaboration.

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22nd Jan 2021

Meet the Winners of the B-Plan competition

G H Raisoni Technology Business Incubator Foundation organized an inter-college B-Plan competition for budding entrepreneurs. The event was conducted virtually on 22-23 January 2021. It gave all participants a golden opportunity to put into picture inspiring business ideas that behold the power to grow into a successful business venture. The judges of the event were Mr Chinmaya Naik, & Mr Baldev Singh Rawat for preliminary round and Kartik Ramesh Borikar for final roundEach participant had his or her own share of experiences and innovations; everyone was a winner. But, then it was an event and prizes were to be distributed. So, announcing the first, second, and third winner was mandatory. And here goes the winners of ‘Ideate’ ·         1st Prize: Atharva Peshkar – Prize Money of 15k·         2nd Prize: Palak Sonchhatra – Prize Money of 10k·         3rd Prize: Atharva Khedkar/Harsh Sahu – Prize Money of 2.5k  This is just the beginning for these winners to start their new entrepreneur journey Stay tuned, you can be the next winner!

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15th Oct 2020

Experiencing an Explosion of Promising Business Ideas

G H Raisoni Technology Business Incubator Foundation, organized Ideate- Idea to a growing business, a pitch deck idea presentation for incubation support.The event was held virtually on 15th October 2020. It was like aiming for the stars with a promising business idea having the power to grow into a successful business venture for all the participants.  The virtual environment experienced an explosion of ideas, creativity, and innovations, with so many energetic and enthusiastic minds showcasing their startup ideas.The startup with feasible business idea got the opportunity to be a part of the incubation centre at GHRTBIF with easy access to all facilities, including the fabrication lab, mentoring support, co-working, seed funding support, multidisciplinary labs, a library of learning resources, and networking sessions and lots moreLooking for more such opportunities, stay tuned with GHRTBIF.  

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29th Jan 2020

Start-ups need mentor more than an Investor: Dhianu Das

G H Raisoni Technology Business Incubator Foundation in association withBoudhik Ventures, Startup Buddy, InnoWork organized Rising Bharat:Connecting dots for Startups. The expert Speakers for the event were; AmitSingal, Founder, Startup Buddy; Dhianu Das, Angel Investor & Founder, AlfaVentures; Neeraj Das, General Partner, 7GATE Ventures; Bibin Babu, Founder,Innowork and Vivek Dahiya, Co-founder & Director, Boudhik Ventures.Dr. Sachin Untawale, Director, GHRCE gave the welcome address andpresented memento to all invited speakers. Dr. Untawale highlighted the need ofsuch handholding mentoring workshop for budding entrepreneurs and start-ups.Dr. Mragna Gupta, manager, GHRTBIF and Prof. Ravikumar Tiwari,Coordinator, GHRTBIF were also present during inauguration.Program started with session on “Importance of building a brand” by Mr. BibinBabu, Founder of Innowork & BlocSpaze. Bibin started his talk by sharing hisjourney from working for Google to one of investors in SnapChat. He highlightshow brand of a start-up matters when it comes to market. “To make yourselfbrand in particular market, you need to have personal human touch”, he said.Next session was on “Intellectual Property-Do’s & Don’t for Business growth”by Mr.Vivek Dahiya, Co-Founder & Director, Boudhik Ventures. Vivekinformed various Intellectual Property Rights like Patents, Trademark, andCopyrights. He then explained importance of IPR for Start-up by taking somecase-studies where few start-ups like GreyOrange-Robotics who has 54 patentapplications and how they are commercializing their Innovation throughpatents. He also explained how it is important to secure your Brand name andlogo by trademark. After this, the session was on “Investors perspective whilefunding a start-up” by Dhianu Das, Angel Investors, Alfa Ventures. Dhianu iswell known angel investors who invests in students and early stage start-upalong with handholding mentoring. Dhainu told attendee Startups that you needan investor who will mentor you at each stage of your start-up. He then takeexamples of some of the start-ups he invested in. “90% investors invests onFounder and not on Start-up”, he said. Next session was on “ Opportunity forIndian Start-ups outside India” by Mr. Neeraj Das, General Partner, 7 gateVentures. 7 Gate Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Vancouver,Canada, and Silicon Valley. Neeraj informed how he and his organizationshelps Indian start-ups to enter in international market. Last session was on “Importance of compliances and co-founders agreement” by Mr.Amit Singal,Founder, Startup Buddy. Amit is also angel investors who invests in early stagestart-ups. He explains various legal processes and compliances for registeringstart-up. “An investors won’t be investing in a start-up if it’s not legallycomplied” he said. He also explains how a start-up valuation is done. Last partof program was Start-up Pitch by Start-ups from in and around Nagpur. Startupslike Rostail, 3NotRobotics, WeKirana, VirtualFarm, iAmGenie and World4.0-Industrial IoT pitched their start-ups in front of all the invited dignitaries. Allthe invited speakers were impressed with some of the start-ups and alsoconcluded that all this start-up have great potential but at the same time theyneed handhold support. Prof.Ravikumar Tiwari proposed formal vote of thanksthanking Shri Sunil Raisoni, Chairman, Raisoni Group of Institutions and Dr.Sachin Untawale, Director, GHRCE to provide all the support required toorganize the event.

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20th Sep 2019

GHRTBIF Entrepreneurship Summit-2019

G H Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur organized a two dayEntrepreneurships summit in association with G H Raisoni Technology BusinessIncubator foundation on 20 & 21st September 2019.Nagaraja Prakasam, Angel Investor and Mentor, NSRCEI, IIM-Bangloreinaugurated the event. Poonam Knadelwal MD, Venture catalyst, Ashish AgrawalDirector ACE technologies, Sahil Chawla, Founder Second Technology, AbhijitKhandagle, Founder Vruksh Ecosystem; and Dr. Preeti bajaj, Director, GHRCE wereamong the other dignitaries present on the occasion.Nagaraja delivered the first keynote session of summit. This was followed bysession on design thinking by Pratap Shukla. Session IPR by Gyaneshwar Kamble,Founder Ready2innovate also was conducted. Later panel discussion withsuccessful alumni Entrepreneurs was held. Prof. Ravikumar Tiwari, In-charge ofProgram proposed vote of thanks. SAMADHAN: National Level Business PlanCompetition was also organized on very first day of session.On day 2nd of the summit started with a keynote session by Mr. ShashikantChaudhary. He started his giving many examples of successful that started right atthe college. Baldev SIngh Rawat, Educator-Entrepreneur-Trainer-Public Speakertalked taking example of every successful/failed Start-up from Nagpur. He askedstudent to think Start-up as experiment.The event was coordinated by e-cell & IEEE GHRCE SB students’ team. Theobjective of Entrepreneurship Development Cell is creating an entrepreneurialecosystem in an institute where students will get motivated to take upentrepreneurship over job. Through e-Cell students will get insight toentrepreneurial theory and practice through activities & workshops. E-Cell alsofacilitates a "Know how" network to address student idea/project to meet theunique needs for mentoring and guidance.

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24th Dec 2019

Presentation Cum Mentoring Session

Entrepreneurship Cell of G H Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpurorganized presentation cum Mentoring Session for Student & Incubated Startupof GHRCE by Mr.Shashikant Chaudhary. Mr.Shashikant Chaudhary isrenowned mentor cum Angel Investor from Nagpur. He was ex-President ofTiE-Nagpur Chapter. He also founded Nagpur Angels-group of Angel Investorfrom Nagpur. He has invested in many early stage and student start-up.Total 10 Start-ups which includes Student as well as incubated startupfrom GHRCE were present. Three start-ups namely World4, Rostail, eYe-Onpitched in from of Mr.Chaudhary. After that Mr.Chaudhary conducted face toface interaction with all the start-ups and answered their question. Mentoringsession was eye-opening for young budding entrepreneurs. Some of keytakeaways from the Mentoring sessions were:1. Define your problem and target market as precise as you can.2. Marketing and sales Cost are two different things, should be strategistdifferently.3.Should know what will go in what slides, don't mix up things4. Customer segmentation (from both end user and client)5. Know and understand your target market before entering6. Know your unit economics7. What is your Customer acquisition cost?8. What is your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?9. Reaching/estimating Product-Market Fit?Prof. Ravikumar Tiwari, Entrepreneurship & Incubation Cell In-chargecoordinated this activity.

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