“A rising tide doesn't raise people who don't have a boat. We have to build the boat for them. We have to give them the basic infrastructure to rise with the tide.”

A well-known quote by Rahul Gandhi goes in alignment with the vision of GHRTBIF. We have developed an artistic, intelligent, and futuristic infrastructure for start-ups, professionals, and students having a unique business idea. The state-of-art infrastructure is a way to give the tech ideas a base so that with the rising tide the idea can flourish and so do the business raise to new heights.

The core of GHRTBIF infrastructure includes:

Meeting Room

A sound-proof meeting room for conducting important meetings and discussions concerning a powerful and innovative business idea. It gives a soothing environment to discuss about concepts, strategies, and prospective outcomes while an idea is on its way to becoming a brand.

Creative Zone

An artistic zone with hanging hexagon sitting arrangements available n vibrant colors to empower a tech idea and lay foundation of a winning start-up business. The creative zone also features a fully-equipped library to have an easy access to meaningful learning resources.


An inspirational and influencing space with a comprehensive set of resources to leverage the business idea with more meaning and power. With an artistic tech design, the studio proves to be a strong catalyst driving the incubation center for entrepreneurship

Fab Lab

Intelligently designed fab lab is integrated with business essence and technological expertise to help start-ups undergo rapid prototyping. This innovative fab lab helps visualize shape and form of a business idea as it moves ahead on a defined entrepreneurial journey

Innovation Gallery

A thoughtfully designed platform to drive a business mind with all creativity and innovation. The gallery helps give wings to a business idea so the idea can flourish into a successful business. The space beautifully showcases exciti9ng innovations and prototype technologies.

Board Room

The board room is designed with all essence and meaning to provide a perfect atmosphere for facilitating important and effectual business meetings concluding to fruitful and winning decisions. The space provides a strong platform to work plans for business expansion.

Seminar Hall

The aesthetically designed seminar halls is a pivotal space with a seating arrangement of 400 pax. It is equipped with a series of modern technological aids that help to accelerate the business understanding and knowledge through presentations and seminars.

Calling Booths

Take a look at the calling booths and there is nothing that can stop from entering the bright yellow and red booths. Whether it is a business call or a personal call, the sound-proof booths help conduct uninterrupted telephonic conversations without disturbing others.

Computer Lab

The computer lab houses Mac computers with uninterrupted high-speed wi-fi connection for anyone and everyone who wants to make a difference in the competitive business world. The ergonomically designed furniture adds improved working comfort and satisfaction.


Vibrant workstations makes sense of the growing business. The space speaks volume of the commitment GHRTBIF delivers. The workstations look forward to give wings and sky to innovative tech ideas cumulatively transforming to build a powerful start-up ecosystem.