"Build systems and methods that incubate ideas, facilitate cooperation and spark growth"

The quote well-said by Jennifer Ritchie Payette defines the core philosophy that drove the foundation of G H Raisoni Technology Business Incubator Foundation (GHRTBIF). With the aim to help startups and transform their business idea to a growing success venture, GHRTBIF acts as an instrument of groundbreaking initiatives and entrepreneurial promotion to help new ventures survive, grow, and thrive in the existing competitive environment.

GHRTBIF as a foundation of this unique institutional arrangement is an initiative of G H Raisoni College of Engineering. It is further catalyzed & supported by NSTEDB Division, Department of Science and Technology, and Government of India, New Delhi.

We at GHRTBIF strongly believe that no business creative can flourish into a closed-space. Hence, we give them the perfect business space, environment, and climate to set up the startup venture with seed funding and the debt solution. We have exclusive design and fabrication labs with CNC manufacturing, PCB printing, 3D Printers, 3D Scanner, Laser cutting & engraving, vinyl cutting machine and many more for rapid prototyping, testing and experimenting, design software, networking tools, Computer Lab, AI tools, and much more to mention. We also take pride in our intelligent pool of technology-specific and sector-specific mentors who work collaboratively with an assurance of venture survival, increased turnover, improved employment, and better job creation possibilities.

If you are a startup with high dreams to create your own horizon, GHRTBIF strives to give wings to your flight!